Calibrate Measurement

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Calibrate Measurement


Editor-Icon Calibrate Measurement



Click Calibrate Measurement to determine scales for use in conjunction with the measuring tools:



Figure 1. Tools Tab Submenu. Calibrate Measurement


When the Calibrate Measurement feature is enabled, the pointer will become a crosshairs icon. Click to determine the starting point of the distance to be calibrated. A blue line will appear within the document. Drag it to the point at which the distance to be calibrated finishes. The Calibration dialog box will open:

Figure 2. Calibration Dialog Box


The distance determined in the step outlined above is detailed in the top number box. Select a unit of measurement from the list.

Use the second number box to determine the scale. Enter a numerical amount followed by the desired unit of measurement for the scale.

Name and describe the calibration.

The scale is detailed in the lower box.

Click OK to save the calibration.


When new calibrations have been determined, they can then be selected in the main window of PDF-XChange Editor when using the measurement tools. Click Scale in the Properties Toolbar to select scales.


The keyboard shortcut to enable this feature is Ctrl+Shift+C.